Best Football Clubs and Leagues in the World

Best Football Clubs and Leagues in the World

Mission impossible. There are so many attributes based of which you can declare a football league or a football club as the best in the world. One can say if the club wins trophies it has to be the best. Another can support his local team from early days and he can claim that his team is the best in the world ever and plays in the best league.

Everybody would agree that people pay good money for good stuff. Same story in football – teams pay huge money for the best players. We may argue that sport overall is a huge business these days and the whole situation have been perverted by Arabian football investors, who do not care what they spent. But forget all this mayhem and look at the figures only. I have come up with the idea to compare the teams according to the value of the players (or at least hypothetical value). After the club comparison we can derive which of the football leagues is on the top of the chart.

I have chose as my source for the values of the football players. Some of the figures are overwhelming and I would say more indicative only than true. Anyway, this allows us to obtain the list of ten most valuable football clubs in the world. And at the top of the list is FC Barcelona, valued at 654.500.000€. The most valuable player in the team is Lionel Messi, valued at 120.000.000€, which I would say is a fine price in today’s market. The best football player in the world in 2011 is considered as the most expensive and the most valuable among all. The rest of the top ten clubs you can find in the table below. If we say that money and value equals quality and class, we declare that FC Barcelona is the best football club in the world. Telling the truth the results over the past few years speak for themselves.

Top 10 teams in the world

Table 1. Top 10 teams in the world

Based on the same theory, that money is quality, we calculate the results among the top leagues. Once again I agree that the idea may not seem very complete and there is a question of objectivity in this, but not getting too much into detail we can check the results. We calculated how many teams every country has in the top 100 of the most valuable teams in the world. And we can derive that English Premier League (EPL) is the best football league in the world as it has 19 clubs in the top. I made a list of top 5 football leagues in the world which you can find in the table.

Top 5 football leagues in the world

Table 2. Top 5 football leagues in the world

The results are as everybody could have foreseen, as the top two leagues have more teams playing on the same level, while in Spain and Germany there is a big gap between the teams at the top and bottom of the league table. Looking into the future, we can see that some of the clubs in the Russian Premier Liga are going on spending sprees once in a while, which can change the world of football. Anyway, let’s hope for some nail-biting and gripping matches this season. And yes, GO GUNNERS!

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